Sustainable Empowerment

Harness the sun’s energy to create new opportunities. Power small businesses, schools, and clinics. Educate, heal, and nurture growth with 24/7 access to electricity.

Join the energy revolution that’s saving lives, reducing food waste, improving healthcare, and lighting up the world, day and night. With our Off-Grid Solar Sets, we’re not just providing electricity; we’re providing security, opportunity, and a brighter future.

Together, we’re illuminating the path to a better tomorrow.

Victor A. Lausas
Chief Executive Officer


Our mission is to accelerate the global transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. We are committed to pioneering innovative solutions and delivering reliable renewable energy technologies that power a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


Becoming the foremost global leader in off-grid solutions, we envision a world where access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy is universal. Our commitment is to pave the way for sustainable progress, empower communities, and transform lives through cutting-edge technologies and solutions.